May 26th 2011

Half way through the limited runs of Chronotrigger, and I must say that they have been some of the more challenging events I’ve performed in. The limited time frames to chose tracks from, especially when working with time slots from the 80s and early 90s, is a unique aspect for everyone involved. The crowds have been digging it pretty thoroughly thus far, and we’ve got a few more in store. Be sure to keep an eye here as well as Club Inferno’s site for updates on the schedule and monthly DJ rosters.

“Every 3rd Saturday through August, Inferno is proud to present CHRONOTRIGGER — a chronological retrospective of the best hard club beats from the past 30 years! Featuring a revolving line-up of veteran DJs and hosted by DJ WHITERABBIT, every hour will feature only tracks from a specific time period, advancing chronologically through the night. This event is limited to a short run of only six dates, and returns to Inferno every 3rd Saturday through August 2011; don’t miss this unique chance to chronologically relive three decades of the best hard club beats!”

UPDATE: Recording of the last hour of the May Chronotrigger is now up in the audio section. Check it!

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