October 25th 2011

No news is good news? Indeed.

Performed recently with my long-time partner in tag-team DJing, DJ Mindphaser, at the opening night of Re-Animate, as well as the one-off event at Inferno: Reverb. Excellent time on both fronts.

Also, I will be appearing on 11/11/11 with Sensuous Enemy at Club Inferno, performing with OncetheSun and Thought Thieves. This will be my first show back with them after a hiatus for the past several years, this time as a live keyboardist.

Lastly, I am actively seeking DJ bookings in and around the Madison area with an emphasis on dark electronic, industrial, EBM/synthpop, or psytrance. Interested parties: please feel free to contact me at psych0tron@psych0tron.com with any questions.