DJ psych0tron is a dark electronic DJ currently residing in Madison, WI. He has been bringing aggressive beats to various parts of Wisconsin since 1999, getting his start co-founding, promoting, and DJing for┬áthe only all-ages goth/industrial night anywhere in Wisconsin at the time, to currently hosting one of two monthly dark dance nights at Inferno Nightclub: Madison’s premiere alternative night club. After countless shows with local and regional talent from numerous formats of electronic dance music, psych0tron became most known for not only extremely technical and precise mixes but also for blurring the lines between sub genres of dance music: most notably with psytrance. After hosting a series of shows over the course of a year featuring industrial and psytrance DJs in a verses format, psych0tron began his own journey into the world of psychedelic trance and can be found around Wisconsin and the Chicago area performing hard psy and dark psy along with industrial and hard EBM.

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