All Systems Go!

Now that the archives of posts from the old site are copied over for historical purposes, it’s time to start anew.

First off, if you didn’t already land here due to a social media link, then let me point out the Facebook and Twitter accounts that will contain, among other things, links to all site updates moving forward. There’s links to both of them in the upper right here (unless you’re reading this well after the post date and I’ve since gone OCD and redid the layout):

Facebook-DJ psych0tron


Next up, all of the pictures and audio pages on here are current up to today. I do have a couple of new audio mixes in the works specifically highlighting my psytrance sets that should be up soon and will have subsequent posts noting their availability for public consumption, which will then post to the aforementioned social networks and you get updated the same way you get all of your lulcat, political, and meme fixes on Twitter and Facebook.

Neat? I thought so.

My public set lists are maintained externally. has a very nice interface that I pour my set lists into directly from my performance software, and see no reason to re-invent the wheel. You’ll find a link to my profile on there to your left (previous clause about OCD layout changes still applies), or here.

Lastly, some current show pimping!

Saturday, November 17th marks the final REVERB event of 2012. As a special treat, we’re bringing back one of the most popular formats from Inferno Nightclub’s 2011 calender: Chronotrigger! For the folks that are unfamiliar, the way it works is each hour represents a different block of time. As the evening progresses, the time blocks chronologically advance until we reach current material by the end of the night. For this special event, we’ll be covering 1993 up to 2012 with five of Inferno’s long-standing Saturday DJs. You can check out the full schedule for the event, address, and RSVP info if you feel inclined on the night’s Facebook event found here.

I have a couple more shows coming up before the end of the year as well as early 2013, and you’ll see them on here as final confirmations happen and the line-ups become public. Stay tuned!

Coming to you live, from the Internets

Layout for the new site is complete, audio and visual content is live, and the archives of posts from the old site should be making their way to the new one over the course of the next day or so. Feels kinda nice to finally have a modernized website up and live with current content.

The archives of audio, fliers, and live photos from the old site can be found on the tabs above, with nifty modern embedding technology for your viewing and listening pleasure. Plenty of new content on those fronts will be forthcoming as well.

In addition to current residency at Inferno Nightclub, there’s also a couple of big show announcements coming up soon, so stay tuned for more details.

Lastly, as noted below, any parties interested in booking can feel free to contact me at to set something up.