All recordings are single-take mixed live.


*NEW* – Psy mix recorded at home December 14th, 2012


CHRONOTRIGGER 5/18/11 - DJ Koob verses DJ psych0tron - Recorded live at Club Inferno.


PULSE 3/12/11 - Recorded live at Club Inferno (This is two seperate sets, with a fade break added after the fact).


C/A/T vs. Lords of Acid – Enhance Your Bust (Live Mash by DJ psych0tron) - This live mash-up is also featured in the online bonus material for C/A/T’s EP entitled ATF.


Madison Electronic Music Festival 2006 - This is a full set performed live at the 2006 Madison Electronic Music Festival.


Recorded live at casa de psych0tron on April 11th, 2008.

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